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a peaceful earth begins with peaceful birth

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For Growing Families


Our midwives provide attentive care leading up to delivery, emphasizing compassion and a natural approach to care.

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Brookhaven is proud to offer Birth Center & Home Birth deliveries. No matter where a family welcomes their baby, we strive to provide comfort & safety.

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An Internation Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is available for breastfeeding support for all local families, regardless where their baby was born.

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elective Ultrasounds


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Our sonographer offers elective ultrasounds including 3D/4D scans and gender reveal scans. We also offer ultrasounds for general health like breast screening.

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What Families Say

  • I would like to thank everyone at Brookhaven for making our birth experience positive. I liked that Misty doesn't use "scare tactics" and makes pregnancy seem like the natural thing that it is. I most appreciated the privilege for my body to do exactly what it needed to and also for the privacy Misty created for my husband and me to experience the labor together.
  • Brookhaven Birth Center made possible the family-centered, empowering, and peaceful birth experience I'd hoped for. Misty and her staff were a joy to work with. I'd enthusiastically recommend them to anyone wanting mother-and-baby-friendly care for their healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery! What a valuable asset to our community!
  • I would recommend Brookhaven to any woman considering or going through pregnancy. They are beyond expectation. Enough kind words can't be said about all the ladies who work there. They had us looking forward to every step along the way - from appointments to the labor itself. My husband and I couldn't imagine having anyone else involved or having any other experience than at home now that we know of Brookhaven.  
  • Simply: I love you all and appreciate the love you've shown my family. I recommend you highly to everyone I know!
    Bethany Boyd
  • Basically, you all are just amazing! I hope to get to come back and for round three at some point in the semi-distant future! I couldn't be more thrilled with my birth experiences.
  • It was truly amazing to experience another birth and be blessed with a healthy little boy! We stand in awe and wonder! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all you dear folks at Brookhaven for everything...love, care, support, and hard work.
  • Being able to say that I had my first baby un-medicated, at home, in a pool, is the greatest accomplishment of my life! My experience was absolutely wonderful and I am extremely grateful to have bee able to have this opportunity.


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